Ms Nasreen Khonat

Director, Shining Stars Nursery School

Timeless Women Network Representative -Malawi

Ms Nasreen Khonat is the Director and owner of Shining Star Nursery School – Malawi, a board member of Malawi widows association and member of Global Forum of Women Entrepreneurs.

Vision for TWOW Malawi

Ms. Nasreen Khonat’s vision for TWOW Malawi is focused on Agriculture and Textile production

She envisions  small scale farmers growing to becoming commercial farmers, become experienced agricultural professionals with expertise in tasks such as crop management and fertilization and field cultivation and have excellent ability to apply agricultural skills to practice and yield excellent results from work.

Ms. Khonat believes that Malawians should engage more in irrigation and green house farming, since the country depends on agriculture as a source of foreign exchange. 

Through TWOWs Empowerment, Leadership and Enterprise Pillars, she would love to promote training of young adults in the rural and urban areas around the country, to end hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition. As a result promote sustainable agricultural products for export purposes hence bringing about foreign exchange and growth of the economy. 

    Timeless Women of Wonder Foundation (TWOW) is a subsidiary of Timeless Dynamic Services Ltd and is responsible for developing, designing and implementing initiatives that will include African women in the social and economic transformation of Africa and empower them to optimize their potential in the process.

    The platform brings together women from all over Africa and from all sectors to collaborate in the dialogue and development of solutions that will harness women's potential and contribute to the social and economic transformation of their communities, nation and continent. Through Timeless Dynamic Services Ltd’s annual forum “TIMELESS WOMEN’S CONFERENCE”, the women engage in dialogue on various issues pertinent to Africa's development and propose solutions that will scale impacts throughout Africa and enable women’s engagement and empowerment in the process of development.


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