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South Africa Country Director Profile Information

Mumbi Odame

Country Director - Timeless Women of Wonder ( TWOW ) , South Africa

Mumbi Odame is a people centric strategic leader who is passionate about bringing humanity back into business. She is also  Head of Customer Experience and Design at Rand Merchant Bank, South Africa.
Mumbi Believes that It’s time for Africa!  She brings in years of experience in Customer centricity, financial services, business  re-enginnering and a passion for real transformation on the ground.
” The stories of our children, told and untold, will determine how successful we were as a generation ” .
Vision for TWOW South Africa.
TWOW’s objective of creating social and economic prosperity in Africa through inclusion of Women, Youth and SMEs lines up well with South Africa’s objectives. South Africa has some of the most generous people I have come across. While it has many challenges, harnessing this spirit of generosity is the key to tackling these challenges. TWOW is therefore well positioned to add to other initiatives in the country to bring about true and sustainable prosperity for South Africa and the rest of Africa.
My vision for TWOW South Africa is that we can mobilise Youth, Women and SMEs to unite among themselves and with their counterparts in Africa to create social change and economic sustainability through visionary leadership and empowerment. Using the 7 pillars of TWOW we intend to have impact in the following areas:
  1. Empower Youth, Women and SMEs to become visionary leaders who solve the challenges faced by the country and promote social and economic prosperity.
  2. Create networking opportunities that provide access to different resources including funding, skills and other resources.
  3. Pay special attention to the Youth as the leaders of tomorrow by providing them with a platform to set transformational goals and empowering and equipping them to achieve those goals.
  4. Create a knowledge base and data hub that promotes the South African and African story and ensures data based decision making for Africa.

    Timeless Women of Wonder Foundation (TWOW) is a subsidiary of Timeless Dynamic Services Ltd and is responsible for developing, designing and implementing initiatives that will include African women in the social and economic transformation of Africa and empower them to optimize their potential in the process.

    The platform brings together women from all over Africa and from all sectors to collaborate in the dialogue and development of solutions that will harness women's potential and contribute to the social and economic transformation of their communities, nation and continent. Through Timeless Dynamic Services Ltd’s annual forum “TIMELESS WOMEN’S CONFERENCE”, the women engage in dialogue on various issues pertinent to Africa's development and propose solutions that will scale impacts throughout Africa and enable women’s engagement and empowerment in the process of development.


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