25000Women Reached in Mindset and Lifeskills training
3500Women registered for technical training skills
1200Certified Artisans

The Empowerment Pillar focuses on building skills, imparting skills, exposing women to a myriad of opportunities for job creation and wealth creation within the African continent. Our Approach and model for empowerment of women cascades through various aspects that are important in the optimal development of a woman. We look at her mindset, her abilities, her potential and then create an enabling environment for her to express and fulfill that potential. Our focus is at nurturing their talent and building group dynamics that will enable the optimization of their potential. And lastly, we believe in collaboration with Men as gate keepers in society to create bridges for women in all spheres of influence – culturally, socially, economically and politically. We believe in scaling up and replicating successes throughout the continent.

Africa is home to diverse cultures, which provides an opportunity to enhance creativity and incorporate innovation within our models and programs. We use non-traditional means to create solutions, products and services that will not only solve existing challenges, but also open up new markets to unforeseen opportunities. At TWOW we believe that Africa is on the verge of a great uprising and we are boldly charting through the future we call “Future Industries”.
For us, ‘Future Industries’ represent areas and sectors in which Africa has the greatest potential to grow. These…include Construction, Infrastructure, Energy, Manufacturing, Clothing and Textile, Value Addition, Technology and Education. These provide reliable and consistent opportunities to create wealth and jobs. For this reason, TWOW focuses on empowering women with skills development, building industry expertise, providing industry exposure, apprenticeship, jobs and businesses within these non-traditional sectors that are predominantly seen to be a domain for men.

We work with women across the various strata to equip them to contribute positively within the economy and community as well as ensure that their voices are represented at the center of decision making where development of Africa is concerned. Our more than 20,000 women across several counties in Kenya and other countries in Africa have affirmed the strategic direction we have taken. We have over 1,500 women already trained with life skills and construction industry expertise in more than eight trade areas within the construction industries. These trade areas cut across Tiling, Roofing, Painting, Masonry, Recycling, Plumbing, Electrical and Furniture making. Women are also building successful businesses across various sectors including players within the value addition and manufacturing space. We continue to build and execute programs that empower these women fulfill their fullest potential.

Gold represents wealth, dignity, prosperity and glamour, just like the metal is mined under pressure to bring out its worth, we believe that TWOW is the mine that is unlocking the potential of women to bring out their precious worth.

We seek to implement and women’s empowerment initiatives through collaborative partnerships and strategic stakeholders.

The Pillar aims to build Timeless Capacity, Skills Development, wealth and job creation in the Future Industries (Oil, Green Energy, Extractives, Construction, Infrastructure, Technology and Green Industries, Recycling, Textile and Food production). We believe strongly that Education and Skills development is the Bed Rock for Africa’s development.

Shalom Munyiri

TWOW Empowement Pillar - Torch Bearer

    Timeless Women of Wonder Foundation (TWOW) is a subsidiary of Timeless Dynamic Services Ltd and is responsible for developing, designing and implementing initiatives that will include African women in the social and economic transformation of Africa and empower them to optimize their potential in the process.

    The platform brings together women from all over Africa and from all sectors to collaborate in the dialogue and development of solutions that will harness women's potential and contribute to the social and economic transformation of their communities, nation and continent. Through Timeless Dynamic Services Ltd’s annual forum “TIMELESS WOMEN’S CONFERENCE”, the women engage in dialogue on various issues pertinent to Africa's development and propose solutions that will scale impacts throughout Africa and enable women’s engagement and empowerment in the process of development.


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